Antec Refractory Products

Since 1987, Antec Group has been manufacturing and distributing refractory hardware components including refractory anchors, hexagonal mesh, ceramic fibre fixings and stainless steel reinforcing fibres. We offer a high quality, reliable and fast solution for our refractory customers within Australia and in 2017, Antec International was established to extend our premium service to customers in the South East Asian region.

Refractory Anchors are available in various grades of heat resistant stainless steel, nickel alloys and carbon steel. Antec offers a wide selection of standard profile anchors and can manufacture custom profile anchors in small or large quantities according to our customers’ needs.

Hexagonal Mesh comes in depths of 19, 25 and 50mm and can be manufactured in heat resistant stainless steel or carbon steel. Antec’s unique double-clenched system pattern, specified in international petrochemical standards, gives the hexmesh superior strength, bonding and rolling characteristics, offering optimal refractory lining performance.